Renaissance Newcastle

Since 2006 3Fox has been working in partnership with Newcastle City Council to produce the annual Renaissance Newcastle magazine, promoting investment opportunities and demonstrating delivery of major infrastructure, residential, retail and other commercial projects across the city and beyond.

Renaissance is supported by a news website that is updated weekly and a quarterly e-newsletter. The project has stimulated a series of networking events and conferences for and in partnership with the city's development community.

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"This magazine is the best of its type I have seen and it gets better every issue."

Neil Turnbull
Head of Regeneration
Bellway Homes

"Renaissance Magazine has the feel of a quality publication and is a great shop window for Newcastle."

Paul Nicholson


"Nexus was delighted to use renaissance to project our own vision for the future of transport in Tyne and Wear to the many key stakeholders and opinion formers who receive the magazine. Advertising in Renaissance was an important part of our overall campaign to market metro reinvigoration."

Huw Lewis
Head of Corporate Communications

"Newcastle's Renaissance Magazine is invaluable for all organisations, groups and individuals involved in regeneration projects in the city. It is of very high quality, easy to read and gives an excellent overview of all major regeneration projects - crucial when there is so much work of this nature happening in the area."

Andrew Dixon
Chief Executive Officer
NewcastleGateshead Initiative

"We are very pleased with Renaissance and consider this to be most impressive. The range of items covered and the quality of the editorial are both very pleasing."

Adam Serfontein

"I was most favourably impressed with the quality of the article in Renaissance magazine, which is well written and succinctly captures a complex development story. In all an excellent summary."

Clare Rogers
Director of Estates
Newcastle University

"Renaissance is an invaluable tool for helping to get Newcastle on the map. You can't get investment until you start the conversation. People expect those talking the talk to be professional, evidenced, and to have​ both a track record and solid opportunities. That is what Renaissance has given the city.""

David Slater
former executive - director of regeneration. community and culture
Newcastle City Council

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