BIG stands for Build, Innovate, Grow, the tagline chosen by Harrow to draw together a newly-ambitious programme of development and growth, including bringing forward a number of council-owned sites oven-ready for a variety of development opporutnities.

The BIG campaign includes an annual magazine (first issue published July 2015), a quarterly e-newsletter, a series of business-to-business networking events for the Harrow development communitry (starting in October 2015) and a delegation to MIPIM in March 2016.

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Case study

Harrow Council asked us if we could produce an inward investment website for them. "We can do better than that," we responded, boldly. "We can produce the website with an accompanying publication, e-newsletter, events and a delegation to MIPIM." And that's what we did.

The project started in July 2015 with the publication of BIG magazine, in a small "tablet-sized" format. ("Why is it called BIG when it's so small?", "Because Harrow is not what it seems - you think it's a quiet, outer London residential borough that is home to one of the world's most famous schools, but it's also one of the capital city's best-connected places, with an array of development projects underway and eight substantial sites being brought forward oven-ready for development by a council with a new drive for growth.")

The magazine was posted to 3,500 named individuals in the "regeneration and development community". That included developers and housbuilders (50%), registered providers (8%), architects (20%), councils (13%) and other private sector advisors and consultants. It was well-received, with positive feedback (see above, right). In its first month, the online version of the magazine was read 259 times, with an average viewing time of four minutes.

Also in July 2015 we published the business-to-business website The design principles for this were simplicity and ease of use. Rather than populate the website with all the information we could think of that might be useful to prospective developers and investors, we included a minimum of information designed to arouse development interest and direct that interest to specific people at the council who can respond to enquiries.

In its first three months, the website received 991 visitors, with the average stay a gratifying two minutes and 21 seconds.

The first BIG e-newsletter was sent in September 2015, to 3,400 addresses mirroring the distribution of the magazine "hard copy". The newsletter open rate was 25%, with 25% of recipients also clicking through, boosting visitor numbers to the website.

In October, the BIG campaign was launched at an event at the Premier Banqueting hall in Harrow. It was attended by 84 delegates, many of them new to the borough.







"3Fox delivered amazing production for us with BIG. We're very pleased with the quality and content."

Paul Nichols
Divisional director of regeneration and planning
Harrow Council

"I want to congratulate 3Fox on issue one of BIG Magazine. It's really looking great!"

Adam Coren
Land and development manager
Preston Bennett

"Hyde is delighted to be featured in the inaugural edition of BIG and we welcome the increased profile we have benefitted from. We have also had a number of enquiries from companies wishing to engage with us, and we are hopeful these contacts may lead to new business opportunities in Harrow and beyond."

Mike Johnson
Development director
The Hyde Group

"We are delighted to have partnered with Harrow Council on the first edition of BIG magazine as this signals the beginning of a collective effort to put Harrow on the London development map and further demonstrates the ambition to provide high quality regeneration in the borough. The magazine itself is of an exceptionally high quality, we are delighted with the exposure we have received and look forward to supporting future editions."

Nicholas Dulcken
Fairview New Homes

"Just to thank you for last night. All went very well from our point of view and we were very pleased with the attendance — we made loads of new contacts and some impressively senior people were there. We're pulling together all our follow up today and there's a lot of it. Everyone seemed happy with the venue and the arrangements. So thanks very much, another 3Fox success!"

Paul Nichols
Divisional Director Regeneration and Planning
Harrow Council

"The current [email] update is interesting and very well presented."

Tony Laws
Land and Acquisitions Manager
Clearview Homes

"We're again delighted with the BIG magazine. The cover is fantastic and I'm particularly pleased with the skate park piece and the small business focus, which underline a lot of the messages we are putting out about the programme right now. "

Paul Nichols
Divisional director of regeneration and planning
Harrow Council

"Thanks for a very successful and dynamic evening. Well done! Very useful."

Tony Laws
Land and Acquisition Manager
Clearview Homes

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